Hexarem can offer the full suite of executive and board compensation services including benchmarking, design, diagnostics, disclosure drafting, pay plan communication, as well as board and committee ongoing support.

Hexarem has the expertise to benchmark almost all executive positions, as well as lower hierarchical levels.

We are also often called upon to validate the level of competitiveness of our clients’ compensation structures against their compensation philosophy and other market anchors.

Compensation Data Sources Hexarem has access to top tier compensation surveys and has the expertise to benchmark practically any position in almost all industries.
Comparator Group Development Hexarem has also access to financial databases, analyst reports and industry reports to develop comparator groups and other relevant reference market for comparison purposes.
Compensation Components Our benchmark reviews typically include base salaries and target short-term incentive. However, when required, our total compensation benchmarks also include target value of long-term incentives, compensatory value of pension arrangements and perquisites.

Our mandates as advisors to the Board typically include any or all of the following:

  • Review of committee meeting documentation
  • Attendance to Board and Committee meetings
  • Annual executive compensation and governance trends presentations
  • Annual review of executive pay-performance linkages and realizable pay
  • Periodical review of compensation risks
  • Periodical review of the compensation philosophy
  • Assistance in the dialogue with key stakeholders
  • As well as any additional assistance requested by the Board or its Committee

Our director compensation reviews take into consideration the workload and the structure of each company. Our benchmarks usually cover the following elements:

  • Annual board cash and equity retainers
  • Annual supplements for additional responsibilities (Chair of the Board, Committee Chair, Committee Members)
  • Meeting fees
  • Ownership requirements

Where appropriate, we also analyze special committees or ad hoc working groups compensation arrangements.

When a company makes a major strategic shift or simply wishes to review market competitiveness, we are often called upon to carry out a diagnosis of variable compensation plans to ensure that they are still relevant and adapted to new challenges. Our diagnoses are adapted to each reality, but we usually review:

  • The alignment of pay-performance linkages
  • The calibration of financial, operational, ESG and individual goals
  • The main plan provisions’ alignment with best practices (eligibility, type of vehicles, vesting conditions, treatment in case of termination)

Depending on the context and the needs, Hexarem can carry out an overhaul of the incentive plan(s) or proposed changes to better support our client’s strategic plan.

Equity grants are often a key compensation component and one of the most important factors of success in competing in the war for talent. Hexarem works with founders, management teams, and boards to design thoughtful, principle-based and informed equity strategies including:

  • Equity ownership by level and position
  • Equity allocation guidelines
  • Refresh grant policy
  • Share reserve replenishments
  • Pre- and post-IPO strategy

Hexarem as developed a keen interest in the communication of compensation plans. We regularly assist our clients or their external advisors in the following projects:

  • Compensation plan 101 and education decks
  • Quarterly and annual progress reports for incentive plans
  • Compensation term sheets for hiring purposes
  • Drafting of incentive plan text

We are also on the lookout for the latest trends in proxy circular disclosures to better support our clients in their annual disclosure exercise.

The Hexarem team is always available to support our clients during periods of change. We also have the resources to help our clients with temporary secondments.

  • Hiring of new executives
  • Corporate transactions
  • Leadership transitions
  • Initial public offering